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What a waste!

By Karina

I could just cry right now!  I have had such an awful day because our neighbours kept us awake with a wild party until 2am, my boys wouldn’t settle back down until about 3.30am, then I had to get up at 6.15am to get my husband off to work.

I have been in a total daze today, it puts me in mind of having a newborn in the house again - that extreme tiredness!  I chose to get through the day by keeping busy and doing lots of cooking and quiet play with the boys.  I made the almond cookies from NT - they didn’t turn out at all but I am pretty sure it was because my almonds were not dry (crispy) enough so the batter was a runny paste.  Ever the kitchen entrepeneur, I simply poured the batter into a cake tin and made a kind of fudgey cakey biscuity type thing.  It doesn’t look that good but it tastes good and recieved my boys’ seal of approval after dinner tonight.

I also put on some chicken broth earlier in the day which cooked away nicely.  About an hour ago I took the chicken pieces out to cool and then took the meat off.  Then I drained the stock… and here is where it gets awful… I didn’t put anything to drain the stock into and it all went down the sink!!!!!!!!!  I can’t believe I just did that!  What a waste!  I just stood there in shock for a few minutes - then I laugh/cried.  Well, trying to be positive about it - I am sure I will NEVER make that mistake again!!!  What a doofus!

I am going to go to bed now with a cup of tea and some almond fudgey cakey biscuity stuff.  Tomorrow I am taking a day off cooking - I just announced to my husband he’s taking us all out for lunch!

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COMMENTS - 5 Responses

  1. It’s encouraging to hear that others have ‘those’ days too. I have had several this past week. My son has started waking up at midnight ever night and refuses to quiet down for an hour or so. I haven’t poured stock down the sink, but I killed a loaf of whole wheat bread yesterday… not sure what went wrong. It truly does feel like a waste when you watch your hard work and expensive ingredients get thrown out! Well, here’s to a better day for you tomorrow. I’m glad that your almond fudgey cake was at least edible!

  2. You’re exhausted and yet you found the energy to write to us. Wow Karina. Thanks. Feels quite a like a hang over when you’re that tired. How do insomniacs cope? One of my mother in laws hardly sleeps. She props herself up with 4 or 5 cups of tea, then tries to put herself out with Brandy but some times has to have a sleeping pill. It’s an awful merry go round that starts with the caffeine habit she just won’t let go of. Sad what people will go through for their drug of choice. Thankfully in your case, you’ll feel wonderful when you wake up and read this tomorrow.

  3. HI Katrina, i feel for you! When things like that happen it does feel like a big waste, a huge waste, but your not alone, i think all kitchen entrepreneurs have those days and next time im sure it will go better…..ive been told that in the grand scheme of the universe, the more one fails/stuffs up, the more one succeeds….which means next time you going to do great!! Its good that you can laugh about it, thats more tha alot of people would have done, me included no doubt! all the best for next time

  4. Well, I’m glad for my own sake that it’s not just me - but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. The good news is that I did save the actual meat and today I am making a chicken caesar salad for lunch - yum! Plus I slept a lot better lastnight. I don’t kow how people handle insomnia - I sleep like a log usually and get very distressed when I can’t!

  5. Karina
    I´m glad I´m not the only one who have days like that . Not getting proper sleep is maddening !
    BTW I enjoy your blogs - I have been so busy in this new year so I havn´t seen them before today :-)


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